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DAPHNIA AND FISH FS delivered to CCA meeting January 12, 2019

Frank Cowherd

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Daphnia and fish for sale and can be delivered to the CCA meeting this Saturday January 12, 2019

All fish and cultures are home grown, tank raised.

Daphnia is $5 a bag.

Microworm culture in a plastic box is $5.
A starter is free to CCA members and consists of a tablespoon of an old microworm culture so you can start a new one.
Ask for the starter if you want this.

Rotifer culture is $5 for a pint of an existing culture in a fish bag.

Vinegar eel culture is $5 for a culture in a plastic box and includes a harvesting sponge.

Instructions are available with purchase of any of the above cultures if you provide an email address in a private conversation to me via the CCA forum.

Red cherry shrimp are $15 for a group of over 20.

Synodontis petricola are $5 for fish over one inch and $7 for fish over 2 inches

Silver angelfish are $5 each
Black lace angelfish are $7 each
Black velvet angelfish are $10 each
Red koi angelfish are $10 each
All angels are adult fish.

Lamprologus Gold Ocellatus (shell dwellers) young about 1 inch fish $20 each ( 10 available),
pairs are $60 (two pairs available)

Chindongo demasoni are $5 each for fish over 2 inches Ask if you want adults.
German blue rams are $14 a pair

Flame dwarf gouramis are $8 a pair
Yellow labs are available. Fish over 2 inches are $4 each. Ask if you want adults.

Corydoras aeneus (bronze corys) are $5 each
Corydoras oiapoquensis are $8 each
Corydoras paleatus are $5 each
Corydoras pygmaeus are $5 each
Corydoras sterbai are $8 each sold out
Corydoras weitzmani are $8 each

Opaline (blue) gouramis are $8 a pair

Elassoma gilberti (gold coast pygmy sunfish) a native fish from western Florida $22 a pair (two pairs available)

EPIPLATYS ANNULATUS (rocket killies) $8 a pair
APHYOSEMION AUSTRALE (orange australe killies) $10 a pair (only one pair available)SOLD

ANCISTRUS sp L144, Black-eyed Yellow Bristlenose Pleco $20 a pair
ANCISTRUS DOLICHOPTERUS (L183) $20 each $50 a pair (one pair available)
ANCISTRUS sp - albino bristlenose catfish $3 each for 1 to 2 inch fish, $6 for adults
ANCISTRUS sp - spotted/brown bristlenose catfish $7 for adults

Danio rerio (longfin zebra danio) $5 each 6 for $25

Melanotaenia parva (Red-orange rainbow fish) $18 a pair, eggs $12 a dozen
Melanotaenia rubrivittata ("Wapoga Red Laser" rainbow fish) eggs $12 a dozen
PSEUDOMUGIL GERTRUDAE (spotted blue-eye rainbow fish) $15 a trio

Trigonostigma espei (lambchop rasbora) $5 each, eight (8) for $25

SEWELLIA MARMORATA sp FIREWORKS (Hillstream loach) $8 each 6 for $40

XIPHOPHORUS HELLERI - (black moscow swordtail) $5 each
XIPHOPHORUS HELLERI - (red velvet swordtail) $5 each
XIPHOPHORUS MACULATUS - (red-wag platy) $4 each
XIPHOPHORUS MACULATUS - )Electric Blue platy or Platinum blue platy) $5 each
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Hey Frank, it's really last minute but if it's not inconvenient, could I get a scoop of microworms? Can pay you in person. Only won't be there if the snow is crazy.