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AM4 volunteer opportunities


Dear our fearless leaders,

I was wondering, as I'm sure many others are, what volunteer opportunities are going to be available. Are we doing the same thing as last time regarding volunteering? I am most likely goin to stay both nights and not selling much or doing an aquarium beautiful, so I will have lots of time to help. I'd love to split the responsibility of organizing one section, however I'm good with helping anywhere possible.




Past CCA President

Thanks for reaching out. The program for The BFD is the same as it has been in years past, so the volunteer opportunities are similar. We have the following folks taking the lead with the following main portions of the event:

Christine Keys - Registration
Frank Cowherd - Aquarium Beautiful Contest
Michael O'Shea - Rare Fish Auction
Jon Clark - Marketplace
Matt Quinn - Kid's Contest

As we get closer, each leader will coordinate volunteer needs. The most manpower is needed at registration, as it is really the only thing that runs for the entire event. We also always need help prepping for the auction.

Thanks for offering to help!



Anyone else thinking of volunteering? Make sure you don't forget to register, too!

I was putting the "staff" badge ribbons into the envelopes for the people who have registered and noticed that we have a few volunteers with no registrations yet....


Board of Directors
Wifey and I might be interested in volunteering but are scared to disappoint so....just point us in the direction we are needed when we get there???

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