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Aggression amongst Multies

So i took the multies plunge, found a nice colony of 11 adults and quite a few little fry available on craigslist and brought them home. Came with tons of escargo shells and everything.

in their new tank (a 40 gallon breeder) with a sandy bottom they seem quite content to dig, breed and spar. Tons of fun to watch, and they all look quite healthy with numerous young fry on the prowl.

Problem is a few of the adults are sparring a little too hard maybe? Some of them have clear bite marks on their sides. I've put in some additives to the tank that help with slime coat, but i'm not sure what else to do about the bites, and i'm worried they might get infected.

In the meantime, i want to ask, have you guys dealt with multies aggression before? Are these bite marks normal and a non issue, or are the indicative of poor space conditions? Should i space some of the shells further apart to give everyone more breathing room?



I had mine in a 46 gallon and had this issue so I spaced out the shells and added rocks to break up the territories. For the bite marks to heal faster I did extra water changes.
solid advice, working on implementing it now.

While we are on the subject of multies, what do you guys think about possible tank mates? I've got them in a 40 gallon breeder right now and they are more than entitled to the entire bottom, but what fish can hang out at the middle or top of the tank safely?


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Yes, but what else is in the tank? Pulcher are rock dwellers so youshould have lots of space for everyone.....until the pulcher pair off.