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29 Gallon Aquarium


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29 gallon aquarium with wood stand and hood, Fluval C4 filter, and cichlid sand. Does not include the light strip or fish (duboise) in the picture. Free.

29 Gallon.jpg


Staff member
I'm not actually looking for a setup, just wanted details for anyone interested. First dibs goes to livingwatersaquarium livingwatersaquarium , I'm sure someone will jump on it if he's not interested.


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Livingwatersaquarium taking a pass. Anyone else interested before I post to the neighborhood website and craigs list?


Staff member
I feel like this would probably go fast on the GWAPA website, since there are a lot of members in that area, but you have to be a paid member to post in the marketplace :-(.

Revised - I hope you don't mind, but I shared this with GWAPA.