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  1. Pat Kelly

    Sponsor's Trader Section

    This section is designed so that Sponsors of the Capital Cichlid Association, Inc., would have an area to post any sales, specials, or general communications to our forum users as they see fit. This section was located in the "Members Only" area of the forum, but it was felt that there would be...
  2. Pat Kelly

    Club Trader Rules

    When posting or reading a post remember that there are always two different opinions. The seller and the buyer may not always see eye-to-eye. It's terrible that I need to post this. But for the protection of the club....... The CCA makes no guarantee of the reliability of each listing and is...
  3. M

    Restriction To Post On Trader With Min Posts!

    you should restrict a min of 10 posts for anyone to post in the trader section...