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  1. L

    For sale or trade african C

    I have 8 for sale or trade african ciclids. They are 2 1/2 to 4 inches. Available in the Columbia MD area. Can meet at the Mall of columbia. Most of them are Pseudotropheus elongatus and a few more mbuna Looking for Geophagus Or tanganyika Thanks
  2. LiluDallas

    3x 75 gallon

    Looking for 100G+ setup . Negotiable . Willing to trade.
  3. LiluDallas


    Looking to trade for a bigger setup. I have 3x 75 gallon. One painted black on back. One painted black at for a larger setup. 100g or larger. Can text pic. PM
  4. J

    argentea fs or trade

    I have an argentea that I need to move as he is starting to earn their rep. He is about 7". Looking to get $30 for him or a trade for larger male sajica or rainbow cichlid (at least 4"). Pick up only in nokesville va. Pictures to follow
  5. S

    Lots of acrylic tanks, set-ups, equip't for sale or trade

    Please see my CL listings: Acrylic Aquariums! Aquarium Equip't: http://baltimore.craigslist.org/pet/5469648697.html?lang=en&cc=us 55 gallon set-ups http://baltimore.craigslist.org/pet/5485819548.html?lang=en&cc=us 30 gallon - long Aquarium...
  6. A

    Items for sale or trade

    Powerhead 700gph works great pumps super strong. Pulled the impeller out and everything is in good shape. 250 watt heater. Brand is aquarium systems visa-therm. I think they were bought out by marineland at some point this one is made in Italy and nice. Functions as new. Few pieces...
  7. MDB_fish_newbie

    Trade male for female convict

    Have a male want a female convict
  8. S

    Trade or sell my tropheus red

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to rehome my tropheus because he is too aggressive to my other pets. He is about 4 inches and very healthy. Looking for other cichlids for possible trade. I paid about 25 for him from my friend who is a breeder. Here is a pic of the parents.
  9. M

    Cobalt and Red Zebras FS or Trade

    I have 1 Cobalt, 2 Red Zebras for sale or trade. All 3 are between 4-5" in length. Im also looking for cynos or pseudos for my stock. 1 Red has a deformed mouth slightly going sideways but doesn't affect his feeding. Im hoping somebody will take them all together. PM me if interested
  10. ddavila06

    Stuff, fish & plants for sale or trade

    Finally finished with the move, just reset the 75 in the new place and have a lot of things to sell. will consider trading also 48 inch 3 bulb Catalina T5 HO light fixture, in very good shape, I believe I have three used bulbs that still work to go with it. $80 3 ekomixo automatic fish...
  11. YSS

    Trade: Neolamprologus Brichardi Fry and Juvies

    I knew these guys breed like guppies, but my tank is over populated with these guys. I got 6 from Reed a couple of years ago and I have over 100 of them in my tank. Anyone up for trade with your juvies/fry? What you got?
  12. Z

    Midas cichlid and a few other fish for trade

    I recently picked up some fish as part of a group with a 55 gallon tank and they aren't really what I'd like to keep long term so I'd like to see if there are any interesting trades out there. I prefer less aggressive fish and would like to have more of a community in this tank, probably with...
  13. K

    Trade or Free: EBJD

    I need to rehome my EBJD. I had it since April when it was about 1.5 inches, now about 4 inches. Problem is that it is so skittish and shy that it cant adjust to my 150g main tank. This is my third time trying to make 150 its permanent home but it is not working. It doesn't get chased or bullied...
  14. Jmty

    fish and stuff sale or trade

    xp3 rena large $70 cascade 700 $40 cascade 1200 new in box $75 gold and red severum pair 6" $60 NOW$50 5 veggie holder $3 day night timer$15 programable battery back up timer power cord 8 outlets $5 15"water changer phyton $10 10g and 20g divider $5 dip and pour large $5(to hold fish)...
  15. D

    Fish /tank for sale or trade md

    7-8" black ghost knife fish 40$ eats everything 4" dovii has eaten tilapia and carnivore Senegalus and albino BICHIR2.5-3" Common wolf fish 2" bichirs and wolf fish free 55 gallon tank used for 3 months 40$ Tank only If your interested let me know or shoot me a message Sent from my...
  16. Greengirl

    Snail trade

    Hi all, I have a ton of assassin snails. I really want some nerite snails. Anyone want to make a trade at the meeting this weekend?
  17. BroJul

    2.5-3.5 venustus for sale or trade

    I've had this fish about 6 months. It's a great fish. I had it in a tank with different Mbunas and it showed no aggression and was overall a great fish. I sold the Mbunas and bought lots of juvie peacocks and haps from rasta and reed. I've had this fish in a 20 gallon all by itself and either...
  18. TMSB805

    For Free/For Trade

    Free fish to whoever wants them. These were a purchase out of boredom on my part. (5) 3.5" Geophagus Surinamensis -purchased from H.O.T. I doubt they are actually Surinamensis. (3) 2.5" Dwarf Pikes- purchased from H.O.T. I'm still unsure which dwarf pike this is. 29 Gallon Tank. Back is...
  19. Siklid

    Large New Worlds for Trade

    I am converting my 165 to an African tank. As such, I need to rehome some fish. I would like to trade the following for Africans. Two Astronotus ocellatus – Giant Red Oscars (12+ in) Two Nandopsis managuense – Jaguars (12+ in and 10+ in) Two Rocio octofasciatum – Jack Dempseys (7 in.)...
  20. dogofwar

    Carolina Aquatics Trade Show 2015 - Jan 31

    Looks like fun... and cool to see all parts of the hobby coming together: Vendors from all across the southeast will bring you a wide selection of Freshwater, Marine, and Reef livestock as well as aquaria related equipment, food, additives, and many, many other supplies. We have a great line...