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  1. JLW

    AquaFest Auction / Tag Sale Rules and Stuff

    Hey Folks, The AquaFest auctions are listed on MyGroupAuctions.Com. Please visit http://www.mygroupauctions.com/ and logon. You must be affiliated with PVAS to see the AquaFest auctions, sorry CCA and GWAPA-ers. If you haven't, read the help files there. PLEASE note that you can add photos --...
  2. jonclark96

    AquaFest 2013 Auction and Tag Sale

    CCA: As part of AquaFest this fall, there will be a huge Sunday Auction and Tag Sale. Rules and Regulations will be posted on the AquaFest website, but a new rule regarding the number of lots an individual can enter in the auction has been put in place. Details are below: As you all know, we...
  3. msjinkzd

    Fish Geek Tag Sale and Cook out!

    I will be hosting a tag sale (bring good condition used equipment to sell and trade) and cookout (I will supply a roasted pig and case of beer). Bring side dishes, beverages, chairs, tables, and anything you want to sell! The fish room will be open for sales, and the fire pit will be...
  4. verbal

    PVAS Spring Auction & Tag Sale

    The Tag Sale is back :) Here are the details: PVAS Spring Auction & Tag Sale Sunday, April 7, 2013 Green Acres School 4401 Sideburn Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Click here for directions. The all-day auction & tag sale is a great opportunity...
  5. Andrew

    Catfish Auctioneer Tag Team

    World Champion Tag Team Auctioneers for the catfish convention...