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  1. ChuckSon_NB

    In need of Space-List

    My Fish are growing very Fast, In need of space to keep what's most important. Here's a list but Package deal offers are welcome. I just need space ASAP!! Video>> https://youtu.be/Wn2D_H4JqLs <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Wn2D_H4JqLs" frameborder="0"...
  2. R

    AquaFest 2013 Stocklist

    I am very happy to announce that we are going to have tables at Aquafest this year. I am very excited for the event and looking forward to meeting more of you at the event so be sure to at least swing by our booth and say hey. With that being said here is what Ill have at the show with me...
  3. msjinkzd

    Current stocklist 10/9/13

    I will be bringing some manzanita, but not a ton unless asked to. Shrimp Amanos $2 Caridina cantonensis- wild bees $3 Carbon rili (Neocaridina) $7.50 Caridina cf. babaulti var. green $3.50 Red Cherry $1.50 Yellow neocaridina $3 Orange rili $7 Orange Neocaridina $4.50 Snowball...
  4. msjinkzd

    Updated stocklist- 8/14/13

    Shrimp Neocaridina Yellow $3 Amanos $2 Red Cherry $1.50 Caridina cantonensis- wild bees $3 Wild type Neocaridina davidi (clearish with some speckling/striping) $1.50 ****More shrimp coming in Monday***** Snails Assassin snails $2 Horned nerite/mini snail $1.50 **SALE** Red spot nerite $2...
  5. msjinkzd

    I will be at the september meeting- stocklist

    I will be hitting up three clubs in september in the greater PA, DC, VA, MD area. Please take a look, as it is a great way to see some speakers, eat some food, and get your fish geek on as well as not have to pay shipping on pre-orders http://msjinkzd.com/news/september-i...ent-and-gwapa/...
  6. T

    Twofishguyz.com Current Stocklist

    Apistos Huser Redtail Agassizii 30.00pr Double Red Agassizii 25.00 pr. Triple Red...