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  1. B

    K2 shirts dont like blue how about grey

    if you ordered blue and want to change it just let me know thanks
  2. B

    k2 shirts

    Please pm me with size pick up at auction or shipping available Sorry multiple posts if anyone can help.with posting picture directly here it would be appreciated thanks
  3. B

    k2 shirts

    Please pm me with size pick up at auction or shipping available
  4. dogofwar

    Lots of AquaMania Shirts

    Lots of AquaMania shirts at the ACA this week... along with the artist who drew it (Sam Garcia). Matt
  5. mscichlid

    CCA Convention Shirts!!!

    I have the shirts for the following people who asked for them: Damian Nathan Allmystuff Ruth Sarah Yun Chris Todd Scott Michael Hill DQ Chance Marge I'm bring them to the meeting today!
  6. Pat Kelly

    Convention Polo shirts.

    We have Convention Polo shirts left over. These are the grey polo with the convention logo. Price. $25.00 These are the same shirts that were sold at the convention for $45.00. Size (number) Small (3) Medium (5) Large (6) XL (3) XXXL (3)
  7. Pat Kelly

    Red Mens Staff Convention shirts.

    We have some mens Convention Staff shirts left from CCAdoesACA. Price $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00 Size (number) Small (1) Large (2) XXL (2) XXXL (1)
  8. Pat Kelly

    Womans red convention Staff shirts.

    We have some womens red shirts left from the convention. $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00 size (number) Small (3) Med (1) Large (1) XXL (1)
  9. Pat Kelly

    Red convention shirts. Kids.

    Okay we still have a bunch of the red convention shirts left. We have Kids shirts for sale $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00 these were $10.00 each at the convention size (number) Medium (3) Large (10) XL ( 8)