1. Pat Kelly

    Please read

    Please read this thread!
  2. Red Nose Rummy

    READ THIS If you recently purchased a tank from SIKLID (Roger)

    I picked up some fish from Roger (Siklid) yesterday and he mentioned someone on the forum purchased a tank (he told me what size, but I can't remember) about a week ago. The deal was: tank AND fish together... In this tank was three FEMALE Protomelas insignis. His impression was that the...
  3. frkyltn

    cool read on CNN - "Catfish named for 'Star Wars' character"
  4. lkelly

    Not sure if posted here, but an important read

    The demise of a Tanganyika cichlid
  5. dogofwar

    Like to Read About Fish? Check this out!

    Want to read about what fish clubs across the country are doing? Tampa Bay Aquarium Society (TBAS) gathers and posts electronic versions of all sorts of Aquarium Club publications on its website here: Check it out :) Matt
  6. msjinkzd

    I will be at the June meeting- but please read :)

    I will be there, won't miss shane! However, I WILL be in OH the rest of the week for a speaking engagement in Cleveland. I will have my phone, but doubt I will have much time to email or check this thread. Please email any orders to me by thursday, if you can, so that I have time to get back to...
  7. johnscottant

    This is why I hate Petco and other chain pet shops(Sorry for long read)

    So I went into Petco today to pick up various foods (frozen and dry) for my cichlid tanks when some cichlids from afar caught my eye. Someone had donated 25-30 med to large Cobalt Blue and Red Zebra cichlids. Petco was selling them for 2.00 a piece which i thought was a great deal. I had the...
  8. hollyfish2000

    When fish don't read their profiles

    I've had a pussycat Red Empress male (supposed to be obnoxious) and a lovely yellow jake male (also supposed to be aggressive), so I'm always interested in/puzzled by fish that seem to defy the "common knowledge" about them. I have a case in point right now. I have two fully colored up, mature...
  9. Andrewtfw

    Any NW cichlid keepers who can read Spanish? I came across this link in a thread on the ACA site. Looks to be an excellent site... now if only my Spanish was stronger.
  10. L

    Reading Posts Issue/Master show all topics read

    I have found that if I read a post but do not go back through each level of the folders(ie Click on Capital Cichlid Association Forums link instead of the Forum Announcements link), it still shows something as unread when I am on the front page of the forum. Its not until I click back into that...
  11. mscichlid

    Sellers and Buyers Please Read Before Posting and its staff cannot verify the legitimacy of all deals and are not responsible for anything posted in this forum. All transactions are done at your own risk. Failure to comply with the rules and/or requests from staff members could result in the loss of forum/board...
  12. mscichlid

    Commercial Entities Please Read Before Posting

    Sponsors or commercial entities, may post in this section only with the expressed permission of the Capital Cichlid Association Board. If the sponsor has their own section in the forum they must post there. To avoid confusion and the possibility of misinformation, please do not post anything...
  13. mscichlid

    Please Read Before Posting On This Forum

    This forum is by no means an avenue for slamming or bashing any individual or entity therein. Posting of that nature will not be tolerated. Above all, please be mature and courteous at all times. Do not post anything that is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing...