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  1. Howie

    Pick up Mystic White PFS Danny's Pool Supply

    Does anyone live near Danny's in Crofton and will definitely be attending the April meeting? I need a bag of Mystic White PFS and want to avoid the trek from DC if at all possible. (I bought 4 bags on my last trip out there and should have bought one more) :( I will prepay Danny's by calling...
  2. Termato

    FS: Various Cichlids and school of loaches. BFD or Regular pick up.

    I have the following fish available. Clearing some room up for my new breeding racks. It's really hard because I love all these little guys. You can either pick them up during the week (Rockville, MD) or we can meet at the BFD. I'll be there all three days. Cichlids Four Medium Varied Angelfish...
  3. jonclark96

    NEEDED - Someone to pick up BFD Speakers from Dulles Airport

    As discussed in the meeting, we have at least one speaker coming into Dulles Airport. Is there anyone who can volunteer to pick up the speaker and bring them to the hotel on Friday? PM for details. Thanks, Jon
  4. TMSB805

    For Free/Sale Pick up Fort Meade MD

    Everything needs to be gone by 6 October. Rocks are free if you can pick them up. Also have three 5 gallon buckets of pfs that are free as well. $25 for the group of driftwood. $15 for the single piece(36").
  5. L

    Help me pick a cichlid group for my new aquarium

    Here's my setup: 1) 42"L X 24"W X 22" (that's not a typo, it's a custom tank) about 96gals. 2) Sand substrate 3) Two large pieces of driftwood with several anubias and a few java fern plants attached. Might add java moss too. 4) Only plants in the substrate is 1 crypt and a few dwarf sags...
  6. D

    FS md 20886 meet pick up black ghost knife fish BICHIR 55Gallon

    7-8" ballpark 30$ 2 BICHIRs 2-3" 20$ for both albino and grey Senegal 55gallon tank used for 2-3 months tank only Willing to meet text me 2403556449 Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  7. DBLN8

    FREE 3 red terrors pick up only

    I had a bottom seal blow on my tank last night and had to drain it completly. I have 3 red terrors in a 5 gallon bucket 1 -5" male 2 -2.5" un-sexed. I need them gone tonight you must pick up in Bowie MD after 4pm. I'll take them a LFS if nobody can take them.
  8. blkmjk

    SA FS pick up only

    I have the following fish for sale. 5 - WC ornatums 3" 150$ 1 - WC atromaculatum 4" 40$ 3 - sp. Guianacara 3" 20$ 1 - Festea 3" 10$ Need to move the whole lot to clear a tank. 200$ gets all fish in tank. Tank for sale after tank stock is sold will be 90 gallon standard 48x18...
  9. 1


    I have to admit, I'm addicted to plecos. Pick this little guy up today. L-333 Gold Tiger Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  10. Reed

    Venustus pick up

    Just pick up this beauty 7" venustus
  11. chriscoli

    Anyone able to pick up in Essex for me?

    I was wondering if anyone was going to be traveling past Essex on their way to the meeting on Saturday and could pick something up for me. The item is one of Olzkool's O2 tanks. Lemme know!
  12. JLW

    PRE ORDER For Pick Up at CCA, GWAPA or shipped

    Hey Folks, I have a great pre order list that's a little heavy on plants, especially pond plants. It has a pretty fast turn around, so... please get it back to me by Wednesday at 2 PM. As usual, you must also make a 50% deposit via PayPal to secure anything on the list; you may send PayPal...
  13. ddavila06

    Wanted for pick up at pvas

    anyone coming to pvas this weekend? a few things i would like to get, i can trade for something or buy : worm container, actually..i just need the strainer part/top piece Apistogramma borelii "opal" male Fissidens clean eco complete/flourite black/floramax black substrate- as...
  14. npbarca

    New Pick up

    I stopped by Congressional today. I saw 2 roughly 2 inch Exodon(bucktooth) tetras mixed in with the various cichlids. Only took one because 2 alone would kill each other, but he is one beautiful tetra.
  15. TMSB805

    FX5 for sale pick up Fort Meade MD

    1 FX5 for sale $150. If you have an eheim 2260 or 2262 you're willing to trade let me know
  16. jonclark96

    FS - Kyoga Flameback and others - Pick Up at BBQ

    I have a few fish for sale, pick up at the Member BBQ at my house next weekend. 1. Breeding group of x. sp. Kyoga Flameback. 1 Male, 4 females. They have spawned a number of times and I have fry growing out (they'll be available in the September meeting auction so I can get my BAP bonus...
  17. zackcrack00


    I have around 14 or so Blue Coral Platy Fry about 2-3 weeks old, and their red is very bright already! $5 for 4, $8 for 10, $10 for all. The ones I am not selling are going in the auction with my Java Moss. I also have a Deep Blue Professionals 10 Gallon sponge filter, not used, still in...
  18. Pat Kelly

    Free to a good home/ pick up only.

    I am in the process of changing my 150 over again. I have 15 or so angels of mixed heritage that are free to a good home. (from misc. auctions)They are between quarter to silver dollar body size. There are also a few cardinals and white clouds in there too. These are probably around 2 years...
  19. mdlnewman

    Pick up in Vienna, VA

    Hey guys, anyone in live in or work in the Vienna area? I just paid a guy for a part but really don't want to drive 100miles round trip to get it. So if anyone can pick up and bring to the meeting in January that would be awesome. Let me know Micheal
  20. Spine

    F/S pick up at November Meeting

    I have 125 gallon(6ft) tanks,one drilled(has 2 holes on back glass for 1inch bulk head) 40 breeders(36x18), drilled on the side glass (1inch bulkhead) they need to be cleaned up. $25 each 40 gallon tanks drilled in the back(1inch bulkhead) 1 brand new in the box 9.5 pond master/mag drive...