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  1. Jeff Koenig

    Male Mbuna

    Beautiful pink Mbuna for sale. I live in Germantown near 270. I have a couple other red zebras available. Best offer takes it home!
  2. J


    Updated stock list- 6/13 Payment accepted via Paypal. Shipping is available. Pm me with any questions. F1 Cynotilapia Aurifrons Lundu- 1" $6ea F1 Cynotilapia Aurifrons Mphanga Rocks- 1-1.25"* $7ea F2 Cynotilapia sp. Hara Gallireya Reef- 1-1.5" $5ea Cynotilapia Zebroides...
  3. xny1989

    mbuna battles after water change

    Tried to get the rusties' battles too, but they were camera shy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1QzK2vGJuo
  4. mikemanis

    Looking for Mbuna

    I am currently looking for Female Saulosi (3-4) Female Red Zebra (3 inch) Rusties (2 -3) I am new to this forum - looking forward to hearing from you guys:) Thanks Mike
  5. O

    Africans for sale mbuna, peacocks, haps, show, breeders

    DO NOT USE PM's EMAIL TO OLZKOOL@COMCAST.NET Fish for sale I just don't have the time to devote to the hobby anymore. I'm going to keep 3 show tanks and that's it. A sad day. They must go so I can sell the tanks and equipment. A lot of people keep asking about the equipment but I cannot...
  6. J


  7. J

    Mbuna for sale

    Shipping is available. Pm me if you have question. Can send pics via text message. (6)F1 Cynotilapia sp hara males- *3"+* $20ea Trio Cynotilapia lion lions cove- 3" $30. Pending (1) Cynotilapia aurifron nkhata bay male-* 4" $25 (17)F2 Metriaclima elongatus chailosi- 3/4" $4ea (4)...
  8. Vinh2o

    What Pleco can handle a Mbuna tank?

    What type Pleco can handle the stress of a well stocked Mbuna tank without getting his eyes plucked out? Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  9. npbarca

    FS: Peacock, Mbuna, Hap juvies

    I have the following for sale. All have been bred and raised by me. 1.5" Aulonacara Chitande type "Masinje" (2 available) 7$ each 1-1.25" Cynotilapia sp. "Lions cove" (5 available) 6$ each 1" F2 Placidochromis Phenochlius Tanzania star sapphire (25 available, biggest ones go first) 6$ each...
  10. Reed

    FS: Peacocks, Haps, Mbuna

    For Delivery at Saturday Meeting. PM me if interested Blue Dolphin - Cyrtocara moorii - 1.5-2" - $7/ea, 6/$36 Sulfur Head - Aulonocara maylandi - 1" - 5/$20 Malawi Sand Diver - Fossorochromis rostratus - 2", $8/ea (few left) FlameTail - Aulonocara stuartgranti - 1.5"-1.75 -, $7/ea, 6/$38...
  11. J

    Mbuna Stocking Help

    I am in the process of acquiring another 75 gallon, to move the male hap and peacock growout to my basement near the 135 show tank, and having the 75 in the living room be a prettier mbuna show tank. I have been doing some reading on mbuna stock and i have read alot about getting 4-6 species in...
  12. J

    Mbuna stocking

    I'm considering moving my grow out which is in the living room to the basement near the large all male show tank. I have been doing Haps and peacocks for the last year and I'm now considering making the living tank a 75 mbuna tank. Is there a best way to stock? M to F ratio. Types of mbunas, etc?
  13. J

    FS Mbuna

    I am trying to rehome all of my mbuna in order to to open the tank up to try my hand at breeding some peacocks. below is a list of what I have, though I feel as though I may have left some out most are between 2.5"-4inches, unsure of sex, make me an offer. 4-6:Unknown hybrids look like...
  14. W

    FS: Mbuna cichlids and Asian upside-down catfish

    I need to rehome 7-8 African Mbuna cichlids and their tankmate, an Asian upside-down catfish (Mystus leucophasis). The Mbuna cichlids range from 3-5 and include two yellow labs, several kenyis, and some kenyi hybrids. Asking $30 OBO for all. The catfish is around 9 long and very active. He...
  15. Tony

    Club Mbuna Breeding List

    With the upcoming Dave's Rare Fish group buy, I've managed to waste a significant amount of time today at work, browsing his list. There are a couple of "filler" hap purchases that I'm making to fix up some of my existing groups, but what has really caught my eye is his absolutely ridiculous...
  16. Rasta Fish

    FS Large Mbuna and some Peacocks

    Emptying out my 180 for some Bigger guys I will post List and pic soon ...This is what i can think of at the moment These are all Adults/Sub Adults and Colored up *1m.. Labidochromis sp. "Hongi" (SRT) $20 *1- m.. Labidochromis sp. "Hongi"$ 20 * ..Cobalt Zebra (a few in the Group) $20each...
  17. xny1989

    update for my 55 gallon mbuna tank

    FYI, this is my 55 Mbuna tank with yellow labs, rusties, yellow tail acei, white top hara, melanochromis chipokae and red tail shark. Great color combination and now that they are maturing, some interesting chasing action. Actually have some juvie rusties and yellow labs hiding in the...
  18. H

    What to feed Haps with Mbuna

    I am putting a tank together of mostly Haps/Peacocks and a few Rustys and yellow labs, must have per wife any kids. Its a 125g tank. How can make sure the veggie boys don't get to much protein?
  19. Jmoore

    Peacocks and mbuna for sale

    Here is a list of a few got opus I fish I can bring to the meeting this weekend. -around 10 red shoulder peacocks 10 for $50 - 20 yellow tail acei fry1-2" $2 each -2m 5fm I think aulonocara jacolbfregi $60 Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  20. Localzoo

    Mbuna and school

    Am I crazy? I'm interested in knowing if anyone has experience with small schooling fish with Malawi's? 90gallon 4 lithobates 1m 3f 4 labs. 1n 2f 1unknown 4 hongi sexs unknown 3 otterpoint peacock cichlids 1m 2f Want to add plecos or cats (corries?) Not familiar with them so not sure if any...