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  1. jonclark96

    NEEDED - Someone to pick up BFD Speakers from Dulles Airport

    As discussed in the meeting, we have at least one speaker coming into Dulles Airport. Is there anyone who can volunteer to pick up the speaker and bring them to the hotel on Friday? PM for details. Thanks, Jon
  2. Tangcollector

    Waiting at the Airport

    I am waiting for fish at the airport. Just found out the plane is delayed two hours. Oh well. Maybe I can find a beer.
  3. O

    Another good airport day...

    Just got home a little while ago. Went to the airport for a pick up then met Russ to get a filter. After floating some bags I put my new fish into Tupperware to start acclimating them. While checking out my afra cobue I noticed one looked odd. I told the supplier to make sure to pick me a good...
  4. O

    New fish! I love airport days

    Just got some new fish. I'm super pumped. Just got done tanking all of them. New Breeding groups: Albino ahli Ndewe Tangerine tigers (these things are awesome) Added to my pheno Tanzania group (1) Male each of the following for my all males tanks upstairs: Mbuna tank Red cheek...
  5. M

    Disaster at Airport

    Well I tried to carry on 6 of my african cichlids in my carry on bag and my plan failed miserably. I did have a backup plan and that was actually executed perfectly. Here is the story: I wanted to carry on as many africans as i could fit in my carry on bag because Im trying to transport my tank...
  6. gliebig

    The littlest airport

    http://www.batangastoday.com/miniature-model-of-knuffingen-airport-at-miniatur-wunderland-in-germany-goes-on-display-photo-and-video/12679/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4_06qrFnvnw