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Whalen Iron Shelves, FTGH


CCA Members
Hey guys

I've got a set of Whalen iron shelves, about 72 x 24 x 72. They're free to any CCA member who wants to come pick them up. I used them to hold tanks, and they fit racks of 20 gallons reasonably well. Probably heavier ones.

Looks like they're model WSNR772472WWD-BW.

BUT, here's the catch. They got broken down, shoved behind stuff and forgotten for a while. They are rustier than my first car. It doesn't appear to be structural, but I would angle grind or sand them and spray paint them before I would use them again.

Not really wanting to do that, they're free. I'll probably post them on CL this weekend for money if no one wants them here.

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