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Vieja cichlids for sale and some others

Emilio Vasquez

CCA Members
Please look up the Youtube links for actual footage of available fish

Hartweigi 3" 10$ 2 available SOLD
Bocourti there is 3 2 inch ones are 5 and bigger 3 inch is 10
Zonatum 4 inch 20$
Pearsi 3inch 20$ each
6 inch Bocourti and 5 inch Boucorti possible pair 50$ for both
Melanarum Pair male 11" Female 9" $75 for pair
6 inch Argentia $30
7 Inch Regani $30
10 Male Symphylum Belize $50
group of 9 tiger stripped Silver Dollars range from 50 cent piece and a little bigger must buy group $60
9 Inch Rio camalote Male Beani $150.00 High Quality Specimen. SOLD

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