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Uruguayan cichlids and livebearers - Porch pick-up in Poolesville or USPS


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Hello everyone - I've got fish coming out of my ears and would like to free up some space.

Porch pick-up in Poolesville, MD or can ship Priority or Express USPS (actual cost, your risk). I bag with oxygen. Here's a list of what's ready now and what will be ready soon (not quite big enough...but will be soon).



Ataeniobius toweri “Anteojitos, Mexico” – 1.5” - $4 or 6/$20– peaceful blue goodeid livebearer

Australoheros scitulus “Rio Cuaro Red, Uruguay” F1 – ¾”-1” - $5 or 6/$25

Cichlasoma dimerus “Bella Union, Uruguay” F1 – 1”-2.5” - $5 or 6/$25

Cichlasoma dimerus “Paso de la Cruz, Uruguay” F1 – 1” - $10 or 6/$50– first time ever available

Gambusia affinis “McKee Beshers, MD” F1 – ¾” – Mosquitofish – $2 or 6/$10- great for ponds or nano

Labidochromis caeruleus “Lion’s Cove” – F2 – ½-3/4” – $3 or 6/$15 - Quality Yellow Labs

Limia nigrofasciata – ¾”-1” – $4 or 6/$20 - Striped Livebearer

Xenoteca melanosoma “Rio Ayuquila, Mexico” – 1” - $5 or 6/$25 – Black Splitfin goodeid livebearer, CARES

Xenoteca doadrioi “Etzatlan, Mexico” – 1” - $5 or 6/$25 – Orange and blue goodeid livebearer, CARES


Ameca splendens “Rio Teuchitlan, Mexico”

Australoheros scitulus “Gajo Tacuarembo Chico, Uruguay” F1

Australoheros scitulus “Rio Queguay, Uruguay” F1 – first time available in the hobby

Australoheros sp. “Local” from Estancia los Platanos, Uruguay

Cichlasoma dimerus “Zanja Honda, Uruguay” F1

Cichlasoma dimerus “Arroyo Chelsea, Uruguay” F1

Cichlasoma dimerus "Rio Cuaro, Uruguay" F1 - first time available in the hobby

Limia tridens – Nano livebearer

Xenoteca lyonsi “Rio Tamazula, Mexico”, CARES

Xiphophorus helleri – Red brick swordtails from Frank Cowherd’s line


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Matt! Sounds like the new fishroom is doing well, glad to hear you and the family are as well. Sounds like a lot of cool fish, will have to consider if I have room for some neat stuff.


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A bunch of Ameca splendens “Rio Teuchitlan, Mexico” born this week... and 2 spawns of wild Australoheros scitulus "Arroyo Macedo" - another new fish in the hobby.