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Updated: 635 Gallon Aquarium


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I knew I should have measured that myself rather than relying on others to give me the correct dimensions.... :)

Tank is a CtC custom aquarium. It measures 96" Long by 42" Wide x 36" Tall - you'll have to build a custom stand, I'm sure. Tank has overflow boxes on each "side" (the 42" wide ones), beanie baby style. These sides are black painted. Tank his high clarity glass. (Note that length does not include the overflow boxes, which are about 6" deep).

Tank is in good condition with no obvious scratches and held water a few hours ago. Has glass lids. One small chip on top glass, neither structural nor visible.

Tank weighs 48304393 tonnes. You're gonna need help moving it. It took me and six of my employees to move it, so expect to bring some strong help: I would suggest a truck with a lift gate.
It still has the gravel in it, which you can have. You can take it out, or move it with it, honestly its so heavy that moving it with the gravel isn't a real concern.

The tank was in a wall, and it was caulked in. You're going to wanna take a razor blade and fully clean the caulk off. Bulheads are present, but the PVC was glued into it -- you'll likely have to replace the batch of them.

This is a $20K aquarium. And that's not an exaggeration or Craigslistism. ;) Go configure it on CustomAquariums.

Would look great under your christmas tree. Heck, you could put the christmas tree in this thing.

Pickup in 20904, not in any rush to move it.

Asking $2500 OBO.


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If I could fit that in the back seat of my camaro .....................................


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The tank is currently pending, though the person is debating it vs a larger one -- he's supposed to decide by the end of the week.


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So, the customer who was going to purchase it has decided on a bigger tank, and I haven't heard back from M and Mz -- so I would say its up for grabs yet!
Someone help me get a car in my garage! :)


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Tank is still up for grabs -- save me from putting it in my own living room.
$2500 firm -- not interested in people sending me lowball offers.