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Strange spot.


New Member
Hi everyone;
so I noticed a big spot on one of my angelfish fins (Apollo) a few weeks ago. I don’t believe it to be ich, I have had to deal with that before. It doesn’t move, and no one else has one. It doesn’t seem to bother him for the most part. He’s still very active and always begging for food. I think he might be favoriting his fin a little bit though.

I have been trying to find out what it may be, maybe a narite snail egg..??

Anyways if anyone could help me out in identifying it, and if I should be concerned or not it would be very helpful.

My water parameters are mostly good with the exception of my nitrates being high at 5.0 ppm ( came out of tap at 10 ppm)

P.s. don’t be concerned about the crayfish. He’s just a decoration.







Staff member
Looks like damage. I see stuff like this on fish fairly often when they're working on the pecking order or going through spawning aggression. If it spreads, worry, but it looks like a minor injury to me.