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So long old friend.


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Just lost my oldest and longest kept fish friend. He or she was a Polypterus senegalus. I had it for 12 years and the person I bought it from said he had it for 5 years.


What's your oldest or longest kept fish?
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My husband and I have had some of the same striped & spotted Raphael cats since 2008 or so. They're not quite the longest-kept, though. The fantail goldfish from my display tank at the Aquarium Center, Wanda, is still alive. He (yes, turns out Wanda is a boy), has lived in a pond at my childhood home since that tank was converted to a brackish display in 2002-2003ish. Wanda still lives there, now with a new family, since my parents moved in November.


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Sorry to hear, must be rough, but sounds like the fish had a great life. I think I have some fish in the 10 year range but that seems to be rare for me.


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Sorry for your loss, I hope my fish live just as long. My oldest was a 10-11 year old blood parrot that died last fall, there was also a 7-8 year old cutteri. My oldest right now however is my gold acara, she's only about 5 though.