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Several hap/peacock groups - Woodstock, MD


I'm headed up to Woodstock, MD from Richmond on 11/27 and can bring some fish with me. Here's what I have available:

A. walteri: Large adult trio 4-5"
A. koningsi: Juveniles to sexable adults
O. tetrastigma: 1.5-2" almost sexable
P. steveni "Taiwan Reef": adults and juvies

Shoot me a message if you are interested and we can figure out a place to meet up.


I don't have a decent pic of the Walteri handy.

Here's a pic of the father of the koningsi (sold a while ago). The largest male I have left is similar, just not as big yet.

Here's my male tetrastigma.

Here's one of the male Taiwan Reefs.

I also forgot to mention I have some golden peacocks left at various sizes from little juvies to 2"+. Here's a crummy pic of the breeder male.