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Remote Sale - 29 Gallon Tank/Setup - $60 obo


Bearded Wonder
Hey guys. I’ve been out of the area for a year now in southwest Virginia. I didn’t have room in my big move for one of my tanks and haven’t had the occasion to pick it up. My mother-in-law has been feeding the fish and doing very small amounts of maintenance. She is tired of keeping up with it and I’m not sure when I’ll be back in the area, so my best option is to sell it. Includes:
-29 gallon tank
-Currents LED light
-Glass top
-Aqueon heater
-Tetra Whisper Air pump
-Two air driven filters (one is a poret foam cube)
-Remaining fish/shrimp (mostly Amano shrimp and a pleco I think)
-Two pieces of planted driftwood

Will need to Venmo/PayPal me payment before/during pick up. PM me or text me at (724) six zero one - 5939. Thank you for your interest