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Photo of the month rules.

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Pat Kelly

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Monthly photo contest rules:

1) All photos are to be emailed as an attachment. POTM@capitalcichlids.org
2) All photos will be a max of 800 wide.
3) There are to be no names on the photos that show who took them.
4) All photos shall be submitted by the date designated in monthly request post.
5) The contest shall run through the last day of the month.
6) Voting will be done by a public poll on the forum.
7) All photos must be of cichlids and/or catfish in an aquarium setting. If there is an exception for this, it will be in the photo request for that month.
8) You can only submit a photo that you took.
9) Only one photo may be submitted per month by a photographer
10) Only current CCA club members who are up to date with their dues may submit a photo for the contest.
11) Voting will be open to both CCA members and non-club members.
12) A minimum of 2 photos must be submitted before a contest will be posted.
13) A maximum of 10 photos will be submitted for the contest each month. (These will be the 1st 10 photos submitted)
14) The winner of a contest will receive a hand painted glass with the club logo. Shirts may also be available.
15) The December contest will consist of the winners from the previous 11 months. There will be a special award for the Picture of the year
16) All rules subject to change and the contest will continue as long as there is enough participation.
17) CCA can use the photo as a promotion for the club but not for profit or personal use.

18) New Rule to make it fair to everyone. Once you win a POTM you can not win again until the Photo of the Year in December.
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Tweaked the rules a little bit. Biggest change being that you can only win the POTM once during the year to give others an opportunity to win.
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