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One outdoor tub. What should I breed


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Grandpa's letting me put one 50 gallon tub for fish breeding in his full-sunlight, fenced in garden. What should I breed?
I was thinking of putting livebearers or egg scatterers out there.
Here are the things I have at home, for options:
-Flameback bleeding heart tetras (hyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus)
-wild caught Colombian cardinal tetras (paracheirodon axelrodi)
-beckford's pencilfish (nannostomus beckfordi)
-girardinus metallicus
-limia tridens
-ataeniobius toweri
-dumbo mosaic guppies
This is more of a "what do you want" kind of question since most of the fish will be sold here


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Becca Becca what do you think?
Me? I'm flattered.. lgfelic lgfelic has bigger tubs than I do, though! Personally, I'd like some flameback bleeding hearts, but tetras can be a crapshoot. I've never actually come out of a season with more tetras than I went into it with. Doesn't mean it's impossible, just that the eggs can be touchy and they're really good at eating their own eggs. It also doesn't stop me from trying :) - some of the H. wadai are going out this summer.

I've had really good results with cyprinids (white clouds, danio choprae, etc.). I'm sure live bearers would also do well, though you might have some trouble selling them.

This year I'm actually using tubs and ponds to grow out some angels and breed/grow food for the Boulangerella.

Whatever you do, try for something that isn't super picky about water parameters and can take a wide temperature range.


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So far I've gotten alot of requests for flamebacks on other forums as well so I guess I'll send a trio of those guys out to the tub. I guess I made a mistake in only getting 6 but at least there's 2 males and 2 females so here's hoping I'm successful in making more.
On the subject of making more of things my girardinus metallicus just started growing gonopodiums and turns out there's 4 males and 2 females. I'll send a reverse trio out to the tub too cuz I do want alot more of those. Only sending one female in the event that the tub does go bad and I lose said female, and am still left with one at home.


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Becca Becca got my tub today. The bleeding hearts also just settled in, the males are sparring.