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Need to re-home fish


We’re expecting children #3&4 by the end of the summer, and I quickly see the day coming when I can’t take care of my tanks anymore.

Fish to re-home:
*school of about 18 Cyprichromis leptosoma utintas. These are genetically diverse and have a number of yellow-tailed males. About half are my home-bred babies that are a year old now.

*lots of Julidochromis marlieri, all are home bred, mixed ages, carry a dark gene

*4 Lamprogus brevis, 3 are kitumba, 1 looks a little different, all about a year old

* pair of australian rainbows that are integrated with the Cyps.

* likely a synodontis still hiding in the tank somewhere, about 3 years old, can’t remember what sub-type

also tons of jungle val and a couple of java ferns

Thanks for looking. This is very hard to say good-bye to what has been a couple years in the making.

Reach out with any questions- or any advice- I know there are few women in this hobby, especially ones that have been pregnant with twins and have husbands who don’t like to help with the tanks...


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Where are you located? I have a 120g with a couple of featherfins that would love some tankmates. I'd be willing to take everyone if you're not too far. I'd like pass the plants on to someone else who would appreciate them.

Do you have an asking price, or are you just looking for a good home? Maybe I could trade for some fish that would be ok with less maintenance?


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I will be interested if for whatever reason Michael can not get them. I think you are located at Frederick, MD?



I’m in Mt. Airy.

The Cyps are not happy with the julies- I’ve had some cyp deaths that have been demonstrated to be from stress and blunt force trauma when I’ve sent them out for necropsy.