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Moving soon. Two tanks for sale.


I have a deep blue brand 30 long that's about 2-3 months old. This is nicer then the basic Aqueon tank. Nice glass and black silicone. Looks brand new. I painted the back black but it could be taken off easily if desired. It looks great as is though. Comes with perfecto glass lids which are also nearly new. Paid $60 for the tank from HoT and $25 for the lids from Amazon. Tank is 36x12. $55 for both.

20 long about three weeks old. Comes with a super solid stand I just built. The stand is unfinished just 2x4 construction but could be wrapped or painted black or something. 20 long comes with nice acrylic top and almost brand new Aqueon quiet flow 30 filter. Just add fish! $60 for everything.