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Looking for Plecos L46/L134/397


CCA Members
Hello if anyone have some of these Plecos
L46 - Zebra Pleco
L134 - Leopard Frog Pleco
L397 Red Tiger pleco

for sale or know where I could get some please let me know. Rather get them from a breeder or someone local.



Staff member
Dave Sombach of JRAS was breeding L46, his screen name is C clearsky5 I think. Not sure if he's on the forum much, might want to check the JRAS site. I know Gold Coast Aquatics had L46 as well. Not sure about the others, could probably find vendors who have them, but I'm not aware of local sources. Good luck.


I have 5-6 juvenile L-397 from a batch that hatched last October. Mine are a mix from German, Dutch, and US stock.


I don't want to hijack his thread but I would be interested in some also.
I currently have 7 available and I may have more in a few months. I have a male guarding a clutch right now.

Also, JLW JLW might have some.


Sold five yesterday and have 2 left from the first batch. Waiting for the new ones to leave the cave and make a head count.