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L260 Queen Arabesque Plecos


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Hi, I have 3 L260 Queen Arabesque plecos for sale. One is an adult male 3-3.5 inches, 85. The other two are F1 2~ inchers, 65 each. If you take all 3 I can do 200. I also still have some L144 blue eyed lemon BNs left as well. I am located in Fairfax Virginia. My cell is (703) 341-9441 B211E3DE-57B8-47D1-BCF7-1F386A84703E.jpeg82B300D5-1C3E-4382-A4DC-1BC5CFEBEDC2.jpegDA74682C-672D-4350-AE7C-94EA47A45036.jpeg