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Hemichromus Fasciatus (5 Star)


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30-40 Hemichromus Fasciatus available. They are between 4-7". The Fasciatus are the biggest (can grow to 12") and meanest of the 5 star generals.

I was one of the few breeders of them and normally sold them as fry. Life has become very busy which allowed them to grow up. Amazingly, I'm the only person I'm aware of that has this many, at this size, living in 1 tank. And now my land lord has asked that I downsize my tanks. So unfortunately they are living the last of my 125s that need to go.

Im asking $20ea but open to offers as they do need to go, and will give discounts the more that are purchased. Pick up only in Lorton, VA.

If someone is interested in the WC breeding pair I need to decide on what I'm willing to let them go for.

Also I have a couple Thai imported Flowerhorns, 1 Thai silk at around 4" and a zz at around 5-6" that are now (unhappily) living in my fry tanks when their previous 125s were sold. Adding $25 for the Thai silk and $75 for the red dragon. Open to offers as they need to go.

Lmk if you have any questions. Thank you

*Picture of the Fasciatus is actually just half of the tank.





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This is a really rare opportunity for the fasciatus! I wish I had a tank that could accommodate a few.


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Really need to get these Fasciatus and tanks sold. Thai Silk Flowerhorn is $20, rare white eyed Thai Silk. All Fasciatus except breeding pair are free, bring a bucket. Breeding pair is $100



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I'll happily buy them if there are any left over. Big ones or msall fry, doesn't matter. List your price. I have tanks already for them, so i'm just interested in the fish. thanks!