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Great deal at PetSmart 125 gallon tank with Stand, Glass Lids, Lights

lock jaw

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For those looking for a 125...

I got a great deal at PetSmart, yesterday, 125 gallon tank, glass lids, led lights and stand for $394 with tax.

Site link:

Original price $649.99
In-store promo discount price $499.99 (Treats Savings)
The treats points $2.50, are points I accumulated buying other items
Promotion 20% off on-site when ordering $50+ and doing store pick up or curbside (sales associate in the store told me he could add this discount)
$20 off on spending $100 or more



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You can send her out for a spa day. haha
That's a pretty good idea. Especially after yesterday, I got a haircut on the way home from work and my wife didn't notice it until I was getting ready for work this morning!!! I might have a good chance on sneaking a 125 into the living room. 😜🤪🤣