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FS: Super Red BN Plecos


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Happy new year fish people!!!

As usual, I need to thin out my herd of super reds before I go back to school.

Got lots of Super Red Bristlenose Plecos available at 1-2in long.

I'm not looking to make much off these, just want to see them find homes relatively quickly, so just shoot me a message on here, an email at lucashirsch9@gmail.com, or call me at (301) nine57-five978 and I'm sure we can work something out (better deal the more you buy of course).

I'm located in the Silver Spring area near Holy Cross Hospital for pickup (no-contact of course) and could drive a short ways to meet or drop them off if desired. I can also ship them if you aren't in the area.

(Pictured are two of my original males from when I started breeding super reds)

Two male Super Red Plecos Feb 2012 P2060352.JPG


CCA Members
Thank you to everyone who came and picked up fish this week!

Here's what I have left:
~15 at 1-2in long
4 young males (2in+)

I also have 3 young albino bn's (free with any purchase)

I leave to go back to school on Tuesday, so if you would like any please shoot me a message asap and I'm sure we can work out a deal.