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FS - LF & SF Blue eyed pleco (L144) and Yellow Neo Shrimp

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L144 Plecos are 1.5 - 2+ inches, unsexed, healthy and active. Adults are not for sale.

L144 - Blue eyed pleco
Short fin - $10 each
Long fin - $15 each

Yellow Neo Shrimp - $2 each

Located in Frederick MD.
Available to meet around MD, DC, and VA depending where and when.

LF Blue eyed 3.jpg
LF Blue eyed 2.jpg
SF Blue eyed 2.jpg
SF Blue eyed 1.jpg
Yelow Neo Shrimp.jpg

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Very nice looking.
Thanks Jim. I have had them for a while. Will separate all the plecos I have into different tanks soon. Right now I have the L144 with five L397 and a solo 6-7 inch blue phantom. The army of neo shrimp are housed with two L046 and one L114, they don't seem to mind them.