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FS - Large Male Haps


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Sorry, No Borleyi left.
no problem, would it be possible to check out these fishes when i buy them? i may get few more if i get to see the rest, please hit me up 703-596-2337. I'm going to check out a few LFS in Edgewater, Silver Spring, and Waldorf on Saturday as well, so if you're available i can pick them up while i'm in that area. I'm loading up my new 125 and 75 gallon tanks with peacocks and haps so i'm on the hunt for some nice one.


Updated List include:
2 Sunshine Peacocks
1 Blue Regal
2 Red Shoulder
1 Orange Peacock
1 Dragon Blood

See recent pics below.



Did I mention that I'm open to trading for smaller Male Aulonocaras? If not, yes I am. Let me know what you have to offer.