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FS: Kerri Emperors, shrimp, Cichlids


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  • Kerri Blue Emperor Tetras - $4 each
  • Red Rili Shrimp (lower grade) - $2 each
  • "Stardust" shrimp - $4 each - these are a Caridina variety that tolerate a wider variety of water conditions/temperatures. They are light blue or light gold with white speckles and some stripes.
  • Yssichromis piceatus - 1" ish juveniles. Easy to keep CARES species that is likely extinct in the wild - 6 for $10
Porch pickup in Damascus, MD.


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fish are so rude like that, won't pose or anything. I'm finding it impossible to catch the stupid buenos aires tetras so for now no emperors for me... 😭