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FS/FT: Super Red BN Plecos


Hey all, I'm breaking down my last Super Red Bristlenose tank to make room for my ever expanding population of L483's so have got lots of super reds to part with.

I have juveniles of every size from 1/2" fry and up, also have 10+ pairs of breeding size. These are the german line of super reds.

Flexible on price (especially if you take a bunch), also happy to trade for driftwood and interesting rocks for aquascaping.

I can be reached via PM or email at lucashirsch9@gmail.com, located near Holy Cross Hospital in the Silver Spring area.


(Attached is a picture of the great great grandfathers of these fish, my current males all look very similar to those pictured. I can try to find some more recent pictures if needed)

Two male Super Red Plecos Feb 2012 sized.jpg


Thank you to those who picked up fish recently.

I've got a few pairs and multiple adult male Super Reds that still need new homes. Looking for $30/pair, but happy to work out a deal as needed. Can deliver to the meeting Saturday.

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!