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FS: Fish and 125g setup

Chad G

CCA Members
Selling a 125 gallon aquarium setup and fish. First up are the fish:

2X Albino Megalechis thoracata catfish (3") $45
3X Megalechis thoracata (3") $45
3X Clouded Archerfish $100
1X L201 $30

Have you ever wished a complete aquarium setup would just show up and you wouldn't have to do the research necessary to get the right equipment? Well now is your chance! Up for sale is a complete 125 gallon aquarium. Included in this setup is an eheim 2217, fluval 406 (an additional one for spare parts), Current USA freshwater LED Plus light (36"), Fluval 3.0 LED plant light (36") (less than a month old), spare glass canopy, air pump, heater, all decorations seen in the photo, and numerous supplies and spare parts. I will even through in the WATER in you so desire! What a bargain!

$1000 OBO (serious offers only please). You must pick up.






Chad G

CCA Members
I bought the tank new about 5 years ago. I have no idea what brand the tank is. It does have a few scratches from me being clumsy with the rock decor.


If you get desperate to move the fish, I could do $23 ea on the Archers and $10 each on the wild type thoracata for a tots of $100 even. If that’s never an option, no worries, just figured I’d throw it out there just in case! Thanks!

Chad G

CCA Members
Ok, you made me do it. I didn't want to do it but you left me no choice....

$600 for the aquarium setup. Man that hurts.

$25 each for the archers
$10 each for the wild type hoplos
$15 each for the albino hoplos
$20 for the L201
I also have a 5-6" Roseline Barb for $15.

I'm willing to meet people in Springfield if Lorton is too far and you buy multiples of fish. Please don't ask to lower the process any farther.



Thanks for the fish!

This tank looks great! This is a steal at the current price. Equipment looks well maintained, tank looks perfect for a living room or high traffic area. Someone definitely needs to grab this up

Chad G

CCA Members
It has been hidden behind the couch since I got it 5 years ago. It has some very minos scratches that would easily be fixed with some touch up paint.



Chad G

CCA Members
Pleco is sold.

I also have 7 juvenile boesmani rainbows for $5 each.

Could also sell the stand, tank and glass canopies for $400.