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FS: Delivery to Aquamania (Sunday) Breeding Colony Julidochromis regani Kipili Yellow


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For Sale with delivery to Aquamania (Sunday table sale)

Breeding Colony Julidochromis regani Kipili Yellow. 6 adult Julidochromis regani Kipili Yellow. $50

There are two active pairs within these 6 fish.

Due to the nature of my tank setup, in order to remove the breeders I have to remove all the rocks which mixes up the breeders with some non-breeding adult fish.

Once the group is in your tank, the pairs should reconnect as long as they can each find a new territory to defend.

I use some caves/barnacles/cichlid stones under a carefully laid pile of rocks over and around them.

The fish are each in the 3.5 to 4.5 inch range.


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