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FS: Alita 6A fishroom air pump with diaphragm rebuild kit.


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For sale, can deliver to CCA meeting Saturday April 13, 2019.

Alita 6A fishroom air pump.

Runs on 13 watts and is very quiet,.

Has an air output of 11 lpm @ 1.4 psi.

When I purchased this, I had 7 tanks and 10 air outlets and it was great.

I am now at 11 tanks and 18 outlets of all relatively deep tanks (75, 40, 50, 29) and while it produced flow, it was on the slow to moderate side, so I upgraded to the Alita 15 which has almost double the output.

The Alita 6A sells for $90 on-line, I am offering this for $60 with the diaphragm rebuild kit ($29 value). Once the diaphragm is replaced, the pump should be as good as brand new.

PM or text me [three oh one, five one two, forty eight oh four] to inquire.

alita air pump.png

diaphram kit.png


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Great deal! I have the same model and replaced the diaphragm. It runs like a champ. It’s super easy to swap out the diaphragms too!