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FS African Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids

Nick Clark

CCA Members
Hey Nick, yes I still have him but am treating the tank that he is in right now for another fish. I can let you know when I am done treating the tank. The Inkfin is in perfect health.
That's cool no problem, I'm not in a rush and I also live about 3hrs from you so I'm not sure how I would want to get it yet

Jim Anderson

Hey Ron,
sorry I need to update the list. He is sold.

A few more available fish
1x 5” Mylochromis Lateristigma $25 SOLD
1x-4.25” Zrock male-$20 SOLD
1x 3.5“ flavescent $15 (pretty sure it’s a male)SOLD
1x-4.5 long nose blue male$15 SOLD
1x-4.5” yellow lab $10 I AM HOLDING ON TO HIM FOR NOW
misc. 3.5” Cyprichromis $15 ea.

Have to let go of a few fish.
4” ink fin Calvus-pics #1,2,3 $30 PENDING
4” Julidochromis marlieri pic #2 $15 SOLD
5-1/2” Metriaclima zebra gold pics #4,5 $25
6” frontosa Burundi pic#6 $40 SOLD
5” Mylochromis lateristigma pic#7,8 SOLD
3-1/2” Mylochromis lateristigma pic#9. $20 SOLD
3” Flavescent peacock pic #10 (2x available) $15 ea (1 pending)BOTH SOLD