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Free 150 Gallon 6' Tank.


Alligator Snapping Turtle/Past Pres
Hey all,

Sorry it's been a while since I've been on here. My wife and I are moving soon and I am getting rid of tanks. I am keeping most of the ones I still have set up, but need to get rid of a monster.

It's a 6' long 150 gallon. Old thick-glass style that requires no center top brace. (I have a piece of glass cut perfectly in the center to support two 36" wide lids). I've had it set up for about 10 years now (got it from Big Chris/Reeladdiction back in the day) and would like to pass it along to a member. The glass is in pretty good shape and it holds water just fine. It is not drilled.

Please post here if you are interested and we will communicate via PM. I live in Gatihersburg, near the Kentlands.

Please be prepared to bring a truck and at least two other (stout) people. It is in my basement and will require 4 people to get it out the walk-out stairs.

If I do not hear back from anyone in the next 4-5 days, it will be coming out in pieces. I'd like to get it out by the end of the weekend if possible.

Have more free tanks to offer. Stayed tuned.


Jim Anderson

Tony, great to hear from you. Long time since we have seen a post from you. Hopefullly You will still be in the DMV area.


Alligator Snapping Turtle/Past Pres
Had a few PMs from folks since yesterday requesting pictures. See below.

As you can see, the glass is thick! It bows out at the top when filled - indicative of an older design when we relied on the strength of the glass over a top brace.



Alligator Snapping Turtle/Past Pres
Tony, great to hear from you. Long time since we have seen a post from you. Hopefullly You will still be in the DMV area.
Hey Jim! Been way too long. Life's been pretty busy with Maggie going into 2nd grade and our new little girl, Liliana, turning one in October.

Unfortunately fishkeeping has sort of taken a backseat to life. Still have 6-8 tanks set up. No breeding for a while, but still think about my friends at the club pretty often.

We're actually moving about 25 houses down in the same neighborhood, so you all will see me again once things get back to normal. Looking forward to setting up a new fish room with a blank canvas (unfinished basement).

Cheers. :)


Past President
Tony! I remember bringing that tank in, it was a beast, but definitely solid. Look forward to seeing the new setup, let me know if you need help moving stuff.


CCA Members
How awesome was it to see Tony and his amazing family?!

150g is going to an awesome young man and hobbyist who graduated from Poolesville High School and is finishing Army training in Missouri before attending Hood College.

A lot of the rest will go toward an aquaponic set-up in my greenhouse. Plans in the works ;)