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Feb 9th 2013 meeting fish list?


I am not yet a member but I may be interested in going to todays meeting to see about the club. I am interested in the fish that will be available today. I have a Mbuna tank and wanted to add a few new types of fish. I live in Fredericksburg and it is 1 1/2 hr drive to JFK HS. I was hoping to see some type of list of fish in the auction so I would know if I should go or not. I know there will be some speakers and such that are also a bonus for attending but is there any location available to non-members that show the fish in todays auction?



Past CCA President
Items for the auction are pre-registered at mygroupauctions.com.

You can view the list of items at any time.


That is so weird. I see the list and posted my stuff on it at mygroupauction.com. If I go to the site with the "s" I get a godaddy "buy this domain" thing...Very strange.


I just thought I was operating in a parallel universe, or something. Go figure it would be something simple...