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Fall cleaning - substrates & acrylic tank & light

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Avatar, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    Feb 25, 2017
    For delivery to November meeting only:

    One bucket of Carib Sea Sahara Sand for saltwater/African Lake species - enough black and white fine sand to cover a 40B or 55 to depth of approx. 2", allegedly buffers (raises pH) for life.

    One 5 gallon bucket of pretty nice coral pieces/chunks including a couple of caves/arches.

    One 5+ gallon bucket of fine standard white aquarium gravel - clean and dry. Enough for a 6' tank.

    One 5 gallon bucket of small river gravel (agate). Nice stuff - clean and dry. Looks good by itself or mixed with finer material.

    90 gallon acrylic with rounded front corners, twin rectangular centered cut-outs for lights, twin HOB filter slots in back, and twin heater/airline ports in corners (looks just like picture below of new tank except has rounded front corners). Blue background, will need a couple hours of buffing work to render it pristine. Measures 60" x 18" x 21", just don't have room for another large tank, these sell for $600+ new, asking $200.

    Coralife twin 65W (130W total) black compact fluorescent with removable side-mount legs - fixture can be swung up and "locked" in place to allow access to tank. Works fine but moonlights become dim after a couple minutes, uses straight 4-pin bulbs. $40.

    Acrylic top for 20L/29 - single sheet with three approx. 2" cut-outs (two on back edge, one in front corner) for equipment and feeding.

    Four NIB 96W straight pin 10,000K compact fluorescent bulbs.

    Substrates are available for next to nothing, always willing to entertain trades.

    Link to light fixture image:


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