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F1 Andinoacara stalsbergi (M) ~4.5" - Possibly For Sale


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I thought I had a harem of 1 Male and 4 Female F1 Andinoacara stalsbergi. I've grown the from fry purchased in 2021 from Matt's wild caught colony at The Cichlid Dojo.. Now that they're breeding age, it's clear I have 2 Males and 3 Females.. I had to pull one Male as the dominant pair is showing breeding colors and activity. The spare male is in my Central American 210 gallon tank w/ Vieja melanura (Lago Peten), Cribroheros robertsoni and Thorichthys meeki.. I'm not sure if it will work as he's already going after my C. robertsoni.. If it doesn't work I will put him up for sale. Asking $100 which is probably a steal since these are rarely available and I've seen captive bred ones sell for $300. I'll confirm availability in the next couple days, but if interested please send me a PM.
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