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Exotic Plecos and Cichlids FS

10" L095 $250
8" L090 $100
6" L160 $75
6" L155 $75
5" L203 $70
4" L114 $75
3" L452 $50
I also have a school of 7 Metynnis species. 3 hypsauchen and 4 lippincottianus $75 for all
4 Aequidens metae Rio Inirida $50 for all 4
A pair of Oscura heterospila $60 for the pair
A pair of Amatitlania myrnae $40 for the pair

Txt @ 4four3 five9one 0one2three
L090 Panaque bathyphilus20210220_115731.jpg
L095 Pseudorinelepis cf genibarbis IMG_20210208_075426_028.jpg
L155 Acanthicus adonis20210206_125330.jpg
L452 Pseudacanthicus sp Mustang Cactus 20210206_172744.jpg
L203/LDA065 Panaque schaeferi 20210220_120004.jpg
L160 Pseudacanthicus spinosus 20210220_222409.jpg
L114 Pseudacanthicus cf leopardus