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DAPHNIA & FISH FS delivered to CCA meeting on Saturday Feb 8, 2020

Frank Cowherd

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DAPHNIA AND FISH available for delivery to the CCA mtg on Saturday February 8 , 2020.

Please respond in a reply below with questions or with what you want me to bring to the meeting. Or contact me at aquaticlifefarm@gmail.com

All fish and cultures are home grown and tank raised.

Daphnia is $5 a bag.

Microworm culture in a plastic box is $5. A starter amount of an old culture is available free to any CCA member, just say you want a starter culture for microworms.

Vinegar eel culture in a plastic box is $5.

Rotifer culture is one pint of a going culture in a bag is $5.

Instructions for any of these cultures is available with purchase. I will need your email address to send any instructions. Send requests to aquaticlifefarm@gmail.com

Red cherry shrimp are $15 for 20+ shrimp.

Orange australe killifish are $10 a pair.

Rocket killies (E. annulatus) are $5 each but I only have males right now.

All angelfish are adults:
Silver angelfish are $5 each.
Black lace angelfish are $7 each.

MGA angelfish.jpg

Chindongo demasoni are $5 each for fish that are under 2 inches


Labeotropheus fuelleborni $6 each for fish that are about 2 inches.

Corydoras aeneus (bronze corys) are $5 each

MGA C aeneus1.jpg

Corydoras oiapoquensis are $8 each


Corydoras paleatus are $6 each
Corydoras panda are $6 each
Corydoras weitzmani are $8 each
Corydoras pygmaeus are $5 each
Brochis splendins (Emerald green corys) at $6 each.

MGA Brochis splendins.jpg

Corydoras sterbai are $9 each . These do well in discus tanks.

Opaline (blue) gouramis are $5 each.


Pearl gouramis are $5 each at about 2+ inches but not sexable.

Black banded sunfish (Enneacanthus chaetodon) are $10 each for 1/2 to 1 inch fish.
MGA BlackBandedAB1.jpg

ANCISTRUS sp L144, Black-eyed Yellow Bristlenose Pleco $22 a pair
ANCISTRUS sp - albino bristlenose $7 each for adults

Melanotaenia PARVA (Red-orange rainbow fish) $9 each for adults or 6 for $45 or 6
for $30 for young unsexable fish. Red-orange rainbows show a lot of color and markings when they like where they are.

MGA Rainbow parva.jpg

SEWELLIA MARMORATA sp FIREWORKS (Hillstream loach) $8 each


Hill stream loaches are fascinating when they are on the front glass because you can see their heart as it beats.

XIPHOPHORUS HELLERI - (black Moscow swords / black velvet swordtail) $6 each
XIPHOPHORUS HELLERI - (red velvet swordtail) $5 each
XIPHOPHORUS MACULATUS - (red-wag platy) $5 each
XIPHOPHORUS MACULATUS - (Electric Blue platy / Platinum blue platy) $6 each
Dumbo-eared firecracker guppies $15 a pair.

All fish are home grown, tank raised.
Please respond in this thread (preferred) or email me at aquaticlifefarm@gmail.com
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Hi Frank,

I'll take a bag of daphnia and 2 silver and 2 black angel fish please.


MD John

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At some point I would love some blackbanded sunfish. Please let me know when or if you have some available. Thanks.

Frank Cowherd

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MD John, I will have some young ones about july., well they do usually spawn in the spring, not always. Right now I have about 10 that are listed above and available.


CCA Members
I (actually my daughter) would like the following:

8 x Corydoras oiapoquensis
2 bags of red cherry shrimp
Total: $94



CCA Members
Frank Cowherd Frank Cowherd hopefully you'll bring some Hillstream loach, I'll take them.

Frank Cowherd

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My deadline for orders on what you want me to bring is 10AM on Saturday for simple orders, if you want a bunch of stuff the deadline is Friday at 6PM.