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Cycling with substrate


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I will have 40lbs of Caribsea Eco-Complte African Cichlid sand tomorrow. However, I was thinking that I might need another 20lb bag for my 55 tank. Has anyone use this particular product for substrate? Did you find that it helped jumpstart the cycling process?


Past CCA President
I put some in a tank years ago. I cannot speak to the properties of "helping" with cycling a tank. The easiest way to get a tank ready for fish is to use media from an established tank. All i have ever done to set up a new tank is pull a sponge filter from an established tank and drop it in. Instant cycle.


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I have a 5 gallon bucket I seed filter media in.

Started with some old ff, and sponges from a tank tossed in an air stone and I drain it on wc day and refill with dirty water. Tossed in a few bags of rings and crushed lava rock and just replace it as I add it to filters.

Been working so far.


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I don't live that far from Dave/Cabinetmkr39. He has let me swap a brand new sponge with him for one of his seeded sponges in the past. He has a bad a*& fish room. I will check with him when more of these social distancing restrictions/recommendations relax.