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Cleaning House, make me a reasonable offer


Prices are negatable, I would like to see these items get used by someone.

1- Iwaki (Japan) MD-55RLT pressure water pump rated 1080 GPH @ 4' head, 1" In/OUT MPT $100.00

1 - Little Giant 5MD-SC pressure water pump rated 990 GPH @3' head 1/2" OUT/ 1" IN MPT $75.00

1-- AP System 1 Professional Pressure Diatom Earth Filter, with directions and all parts in box. Hangs on tank, filters out parasites and cloudy/algae water. Easy to use and clean. Made for short term use. $20

1 -36" Coralife Florescent strip, uses 2 - T5 tubes, needs new tubes FREE

1 - 48 x 18 " All Glass brand Hood and Light, 2- 48" tubes included. Made for a 48' x 18" tank with center brace. Light stripe was used, but hood section new in box. $25

1- FishMate P21 Auto Pond Feeder $5

1- 5g bucket full of shale pieces brown/red and gray colors. $5

3 - Angel/Discus Spawning slates 10' by 2" $1 each