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CARES species?

I didn't get as many cichlids as I had hoped at PVAS (still had a lot of fun), but I now have an empty 75 all set to go.

Does anyone have fry for a Malawi CARES breeding group?
Alternatively I am also setting up my 8ft 180 for large Malawi predators. If anyone has some of these I would also be interested.

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Ive got Protomelas Sp. Taiwan Reef that are ready to go. J Jay of CAS has several Malawi CARES species available. Reed Reed might have something available as well.


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I can also keep an eye out for fry from my Chindongo saulosi.

Also, Frank Cowherd Frank Cowherd often has Chindongo demasoni available.


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Really looking for something rare... this is the last large tank I am allowed to set up.
I get it. You probably know about the FB group, but just in case you don't, some members on there are willing to ship if you don't find what you're looking for locally.