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Buying / Selling at Aquafest "Spree on Three" Room Sales Extravaganza?


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One of the highlights of the upcoming Aquafest (www.aquafest2013.org) is the Friday (Oct 18) night "Spree on Three" Room Sales Extravaganza.

Basically, the entire 3rd floor of the hotel becomes a marketplace of fish people buying and selling fish, plants, supplies, equipment...whatever. If you want the best stuff...come to the Spree on Three.... it won't be in the auction on Sunday!

The Spree on Three starts at 10 PM (after Gary Lange's Rainbowfish talk) and goes until whenever.

CCA is hosting the Hospitality Suite and will have free beer, soda and snacks for Aquafest attendees. Our President Tony will be giving massages, so come early and bring your favorite bottle of lotion.

The Spree on Three is for registered Aquafest attendees, so make sure you register today here: http://aquafest2013.org/register.htm . Aquafest registration is only $20, so please support your club(s)!

There are a couple of rooms left on the third floor for sellers. If you'd like to reserve one, email: chair@AquaFest2013.org

So....what do you want to buy? What are you selling?



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I will be selling super red plecos and some juvie malawi cichlids - Z rocks, livingstonii and otter point peacocks.


I will be selling red hot charity angels. Super beautiful red veiled kois. I will be sharing space with David (Clearsky5) I will also have a breeding pair and some gorgeous 2nd generation off a wild scalare.


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I am still finalizing the list of what I plan to have but it will be some fish, maybe a few drygoods and possibly some plants, if I don't use them all up in my aquarium beautiful tank.....

know I will have some J. transcriptus, l. multifasciatus, albino siver blue plat angels, possibly a few killies, albino corys, plecos, (L-399 if i can find enough) L-66, L-333's (again if I can find enough) some extreme red crossed to albino longfin, think I may have some cory sterbai, and gold lazer as well... to name a few...
have 3 HO lights 48" (2 with twin bulbs, 1 with 4) all working

I will try to post a more definate list by monday......



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oh yeah.
I have a group (1 male 5 or 6 females)
pundamila naso bay.... nice color.. they have bred, and the girls have held, but think the fry are being eaten...


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I have the following dry goods that will be at the sales spree:

Seachem plant chemicals - $2 to $10(depending on chemical and size)
Large Kritter Keepers - NIB - $7
Large Marina External Breeder Boxes - $12/each

Substrate - $1 to $5 - Free to PVAS members with purchase of bucket of similar size or larger

RO Unit with reservoir - $50

CF500 canister - $35(500 gph) needs intakes

Driftwood A - $20 B- $15

Coconut Caves - $2- 3/$5

Power Head - $5

Circulation pump - $5

20 long with Cichlid Sand - $20
20 long - $15

15 gallon - $12
double 15/20 high stand - $15
used heaters - $4 - 5/$15
LED spot light - $15 (runs yellowish)

Pat Kelly

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Staff member
There will be a registration table at the event.
they will already have all of your information from your registation.