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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by halak, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Wednesday at 10:50 PM
    I am planning on buying some blackworms from our sponsor in a few days. If you are interested in joining my order, let me know. I will place my order this Wednesday. It is pick up only in Gaithersburg, MD, the same day it arrives (Thursday). I will buy 1 pound for myself. Here are the prices that include shipping:

    1-lb @ 35.99
    1 & 1/4-LB @ 37.95
    1 & 1/2-LB @ 44.95
    2-lbs @ 49.95
    3-lbs @ 59.95
    4-lbs @ 69.95
    5-lbs @ 79.95

    If you are interested, let me know by Tuesday 4 p.m.

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