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Blackworms and fish FS!!

Discussion in 'CCA Sponsor - Stith Aquatics' started by fish608, May 26, 2014.

  1. fish608

    fish608 Members

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    Chris Stith
    May 26, 2014
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    Leesburg VA
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    Jul 14, 2014
    All is available for pick-up in Leesburg or at the June PVAS meeting, most likely won't make the CCA meeting.
    Blackworms are preorder and won't be available until after the PVAS meeting.

    ¼ pound $6.00
    ½ pound $11.00
    1 pound $21

    Some prices are negotiable and I'm always open for trades

    Metriaclima hajomaylandi, these hold recessive albino gene, prolific, uncommon ,cool looking fish
    1/2" juvies-$2ea
    1"+ juvies- $3ea

    Astatotilapia spec. "44", very stunning CARES species
    1/2"-1" unsexed- $4ea, 6 or more for $3ea
    1" young males- $6ea showing good color

    F1 Pseudotropheus spec "Elongatus Chewere", not the inbred faded individuals you usually see, look saltwater! Also not as aggressive as everyone claims
    3/4"-1" juvies- $5ea
    1 1/2"- 2" young males- $10ea
    1 1/2"- 2" young females-$8ea

    Pseudotropheus elegans, one of the few solid purple cichlids, very peaceful for an mbuna does best when kept in a group with peaceful haps and peacocks
    3/4"-1"+ juvies- $2ea

    Platytaeniodus spec. "Red Tail Sheller", EXTREMELY rare Victorian, very peaceful males rarely if ever chase females or other fish1/2" juveniles- $4ea growing fast

    Ameca splendens, CARES fish, males get spectacular and if I'm not mistaken they will eat duckweed!
    3/4"- 1" juvies- $2ea
    1 1/4" young pair- $3

    Albino axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum), currently as of May 25 they're 2 weeks old 1"+ with front legs and starting to grow back legs, they're off live food and eating frozen blood worms. They're growing very quickly and should be ready to go by the meeting, BUT no guarantees. Just let me know if you're interested and I'll bring it if they're ready. I'm asking $15ea since they should be around 2"+ by then. Much cheaper then you'll ever see in a store, that is if you ever see them in a store.*

    Keep an eye on the list, more may be added! Email me any questions!* Here's a spaceship:beamup:


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